is one of the most visited villas in Croatia, named “the pirate’s den” by an English journalist who is writing for the respectable newspaper “THE OBSERVER” and somewhat equally by an English journalist of “THE GUARDIAN”.
Actually, according to the legend on the origin of the name of the village Mrgani it is said that it was named after the well-known pirate Henry Morgan. After robbery raids in Jamaica he decided to capture and rob the Venetian fleet in the year 1500. With a rich plunder and his fleet he sailed to the Lim Kanal Fjord and buried his treasure somewhere in the area between Dvigrad and Mrgani. Who knows, maybe you are going to be the lucky one who will find the treasure.

Probably, due to the danger of pirates, the place Mrgani developed in such a way that every household became a small fort. The houses are closely built of massive stone blocks 0.5-0.6 m thick, the windows are small and they are enclosed with large stone walls 2-3 m high. On these walls one can find, even these days, an additional barrier, barbed wire or sharp stone which was dug out in the neighborhood . Large stone wells for obtaining water are almost a usual occurrence for every household. Stone Istrian houses with a porch, wells, beautiful wooden beams, roofs covered with half-round tiles or even stone slates represent invaluable wealth and comfort to the eye and soul. If you decide to spend your holiday in such environment you will feel the charm of the stone structures, the harmony of the architecture and the beautiful nature, you will relax and feel happy.

In the heart of such surroundings there is Captain Morgan’s villa. It was built a hundred years ago of massive Istrian stone, massive specially shaped oaken beams, with the fireplace, wooden stairs and all that proving the value of the antiquity.
The house was reconstructed in 2003, the maximum of the antiquity preserved but there was also installed everything for high comfort living. Specially manufactured furniture of heavy oak of irregular shape and “wear out” state with equally old tiles on the floor and old wooden beams on the ceiling offer an extraordinary feeling of the past and pleasure of the present.

Air-conditioned large rooms, four rooms - each with its own bathroom, and one with the Jacuzzi bath are so soothing that they are real medicine for the leisure of a person under stress.

In the court-yard enclosed with high walls which offer intimacy there is the pool and round it a beautiful lawn with various Mediterranean plants and flowers. Here there is also the former hay-loft with a fireplace arranged for the grill necessity and enjoyment within the reach of the pool. What pirate Morgan considered a shelter (hiding place), today is paradise for leisure and relax.

The village Mrgani is located 35 km far from the airport, 5 km from the nearest food shop not far from the Lim Kanal Fjord and Poreč, and 18 km from the sea beaches. In the surroundings there are first-class restaurants where one can taste all the cousine delicacies of fish and meat in the Istrian way or at the guest’s wish.

In spring there is special charm in eating scrambled eggs with wild asparagi (“šparuge”) freshly picked or in autumn, freshly picked mushrooms and in enjoying the taste of dishes prepared with truffles.

Accommodation in the villa:

The villa is intended for the accommodation of 8 persons in four rooms with modern conveniences, each with its own bathroom.

Description of the accommodation:

Downstairs:The entrance is through a massive door leading into a vast dining-room with a massive oaken table and chairs for 10 persons. In the dining-room there are plates and cutlery for twice the number of guests. Beside the massive furniture there is also the bar for serving drinks with a refrigerator, a coffee set and running hot and cold water. The floor is made of rustic tiles as old as the house itself.

Closely to the dining-room there is a large living-room with a pertaining number of seats turned towards the TV on one side, and the fireplace and open fire on the other side. Special atmosphere is created by the rustic oaken wooden seams and rustic stone walls. From the sitting-room it is possible to go out to the summer terrace through a double stone arc-shaped door. On the other side of the dining-room there is an old-time massive kitchen equipped in compliance with the necessities of modern-day living (dish washer, microwave oven, etc…) with high-quality stainless steel kitchen utensils and other cutlery. Adjacent to the kitchen there is a two-bed room with a bathroom which, if the beds are brought together, can be a marital room.

Upstairs: You get upstairs by two independent stairs.

On one side, from the sitting-room you enter the most beautiful and largest bedroom named “Captain Morgan’s room” where one’s breath is taken away due to its extreme comfortableness and particularity. Beside this room, there is a large bathroom with the “Jacuzzi” bath.

The roof of the room is made of old oaken seams which are being specially shaped for this purpose, year after year. The bed is especially massive and very comfortable for sleeping, of 2 x 2 m size.

Up the second stairs, through the dining-room on one side you get to the matrimonial room, also comfortable, named “the green room” with the pertaining bathroom with the bath. On the other side, you reach the double-bedded room, called “the pink room” with the pertaining bathroom with shower.
All the rooms have air-condition and a beautiful view of the garden and pool.

Description of the Garden: You get into the garden from the street through a massive steel gate. It is enclosed with a high stone wall so that it secures privacy to the guest. There is the pool in the shape of a kidney of about 8 x 4 m size dominating in the garden while the garden is cultivated beautifully with Mediterranean flowers and plants. Special atmosphere is provided by the trellises(PERGOLA) of grapes in front of the house. Along the garden and pool there is a vast shelter with a big fireplace and large massive wooden table for ten persons suitable for grilling and entertainment.

Here, also the youth can find some entertainment as e.g. the game of darts or football game.

In a separate building, at the guests’ disposal, there is the space for the washing machine and for ironing.

At the back of the garden there is another pergola for the climbing plant “wisteria”. Sitting under it will provide special harmony and fragrance.

The house has got the EKO mark (ecological stamp) meaning that it is certified for respecting all ecological standards in the sense of its use and use of cleaning materials.